Practice Policies


As a patient it is your right, with certain exceptions, to have all information regarding your health, whether kept on paper or on the computer, confidential – and to this end all staff have a statement of confidentiality in their job contract in addition to a separate practice policy on confidentiality to ensure that the highest possible standards of confidentiality are maintained.

When you first register with a practice certain personal details, such as name, address, NHS number and date of birth are passed to the Health Authority and to the NHS Central Register. This enables your medical record to be located and passed to your new practice. Although the Health Authority database holds information on childhood vaccinations and immunisations and cervical cytology no other clinical information is held either there or at the Central Register. 

 It is possible however, that it may be necessary to share some information regarding your medical history with other health care professionals such as hospital consultants, to ensure you receive appropriate treatment. In addition there are certain statutory requirements that require a practice to pass on information to the authorities, for example notification of births or deaths, infectious diseases and gunshot wounds.

Should you wish not to share your patient information with other NHS departments or healthcare providers, please advise a member of the reception team who will ensure this is recorded.  Please pick up a patient leaflet from the surgery to find out more about how your information may be used for healthcare purposes.

In other cases, such as releasing medical records to solicitors when dealing with complaints or legal claims, information is only released with your written authority to do so.

If you do have any concerns regarding the confidentiality of your personal medical history or you would like further information, please do not hesitate to discuss this with your doctor or Practice Manager.

For more information go to, choose managing your organisation, then choose information policy then patient confidentiality and access to health records.


Access to Medical Records

Any patient is entitled to seek access to his or her medical records. Requests must be made in writing and we will require identification before access or copies are provided. 

 If you would like further information please contact Tracey Bettany, Practice Manager on Tel 01630 672225.


Contact details for NHS North Staffordshire.

NHS North Staffordshire is party to the NHS contract held by this practice. Further details of primary medical services in this area may be obtained from them at the following address: 

NHS North Staffordshire, Morston House, The Midway, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 1QG

Tel: 0845 602 6772 Fax: 01782 663777



Please see our Complaints and Concerns page


Violence Policy

Very occasionally a practice/patient relationship breaks down completely. In this situation the patient may choose to register with a different practice. The practice also has the right to remove that patient from their list. This would generally only follow a warning that had failed to remedy the situation and we would normally give the patient a specific reason for the removal.

 Violent patients- ZERO tolerance

The NHS operates a Zero Tolerance Policy with regard to violence and abuse, and the practice has the right to remove violent patients from the list with immediate effect in order to safeguard practice staff, patients and other persons.


Violence in this context includes actual or threatened physical violence or verbal abuse, which leads to fear for a person’s safety.


In this situation we are obliged to notify the patient in writing of their removal from the list and record in the patient’s medical records the fact of the removal and circumstances leading to it. The PCT is then responsible for providing further medical care for such patients.


Patient Rights to General Medical Services

*  To be offered a health check on joining a doctor's list for the first time.
*  To have appropriate drugs and medicines prescribed. 
*  To be referred to a Consultant acceptable to them when they and their GP thinks it is necessary and to be referred for a second opinion if they and their GP think it is advisable.   
*  To have access to their health records, subject to any limitations of the law and to know that those working for the NHS are under a legal duty to keep those records confidential.
*  To choose whether to take part in research or medical student training.
*  To receive a copy of their doctor's practice leaflet, setting out the services that he or she provides.
*  To receive a full and prompt reply to any complaints made about the care they receive at Ashley Surgery.

Our aims are to offer the highest standard of health care and advice to our patients with the resources available to us,  We have a team approach to patient care and endeavour to monitor the service provided to patients, to ensure that it meets current standards of excellence.

Freedom of Information Act 

NHS freedom of information guide is available at