PPG Minutes and Agendas

Minutes of Ashley PPG 10th September 2014


Attendees:  Frances, Jane, Tim, Barry, Bernard, Julia.

Bernard opened the meeting and invited Julia to provide an update on issues and developments at the Surgery.

Phlebotomy: Julia explained that the surgery had applied for funding towards the cost of the unfunded phlebotomy service at the surgery, which is currently under review partially due to changes in staffing. The PPG had written to the Commissioners about the service and urged that funding be made available. The service will remain in place for vulnerable groups who are unable to make journey to Bradwell Hospital or one of the other designated centres. Frances queried whether volunteers could provide the service?

New GP: Julia advised that a new GP has been appointed. Her name is Dr. Sarah Grant. She will work four sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Her appointment was welcomed.

Flu Jabs: Flu jabs will start being administered on the first week in October. They are to be targeted at the 65+’s, certain chronic medical conditions, Palliative care patients. If anyone is not sure they are invited to ask at reception in the surgery. Last year there was an 87% uptake in the over 65’s age range.

Shingles: Vaccinations are currently being offered to patients aged 70, 78 or 79 on the first day of September 2014 and remain eligible until the last day of August the following year

Nursing: A trainee practice nurse has been appointed to the team comprising a Nurse Practitioner, A practice nurse, and a Health Care Assistant.


Barry gave an update on the Patients Fund:  Julia provided some background on the purpose and remit of the Patient Fund. Barry went to explain that there were two accounts.  A current account and a Deposit account with a total of £1988.62 being held. There has been no activity for over twelve months. A number of requests for funding have been received but as there are insufficient funds available to meet all requests it was suggested that applications be made to the Parish Council and that the County Council be approached via David Loades to enquire if funds were available and appropriate for this purpose.

The date and time of the next meeting: November 12th at 6pm at Ashley Surgery