Patient Panel Chairman's Survey Report 2014


PPG/PRG Chairman’s Report



This has been a year of many changes within the NHS itself and with the Council authorities taking over the responsibility for Public Health, all yet to still prove themselves and as normal change brings changes in delivery and uncertainty in the future of the valued  NHS services.

Our GP  Surgery as normal have tried to adjust to meet the needs of us all and we have been running an ongoing project to try and engage  the users of the Ashley  Surgery by gaining their feed back and to identify the community needs.

This has been supported by the staff at our surgery which as a result of your feedback in the past and over the last year our Doctors have tried to adjust to meet your needs. We have just recently taken a snap shot Patient Survey and the results are now published here on our website and from this the Surgery and the Patient Panel group can move forward with our business and action plans that are ongoing and designed to be very flexible to meet all patients’ needs and concerns.

The level of care I am confident is not a matter of concern in our community Surgery but our level of service to our community must at all times stand up to Scrutiny and the Patient Group and your involvement as a patient of our surgery allows us to change our services when and if current staffing, investment and funding allows.

We have established for some time now a Patient Reference Group (PRG). Which is part of our existing formal Patient Participation Group, that in turn is representative of our practice population, which feeds in its views alongside the findings from the surveys carried out and as an outcome, adding this information to the practice priority and planning areas for reviewing the need for change and improvement of the customer experience

This PRG group is made up of information supplied by our patient group that represents a cross section of our patient population, which as we are in a very rural area was difficult to develop in its self, so to develop a cross representative to also be part of the PRG was not practical, but our PRG leader is delegated to ensure that our Patient group and the Practice working involvement with the PRG format is based on our population mix.

The local County Councillor has invested £1500 to increase awareness of the young people in our patient population concerning Health and Sexual Well Being this is a very new project and as a practice we will be asked to be involved, with what will be seen as Young People’s Council and will also be linked to both the Parish Council and the local Community Information Shop, which is being developed as a Community Centre hub for all Public involvement and concerns.

This new and unique project will allow our Patient Panel Group to gain more input to   the practice from our Young people, who in a rural area of this size is very difficult to obtain.

Our Doctors already have a good relationship with our young people who have the need to approach the surgery and who have had the advantage of being able to, through good mentors should that be parent based or community information and advise based. We are hoping as part of our working together that the project referred to above, will allow us to get closer to those we do not see, but need to have Health and Well being awareness. 

This has resulted in a flexible action plan to be debated and agreed between the practice and the PRG/PPG to ensure continuity between the patient user and the Practice management and finances. This leaves the Practice in a position to work with the group lead and as a result it is the responsibility of the PRG patient lead to ensure all of the practices user population is kept informed and given the opportunity through our forum and a direct contact to the lead group member to collate and feed back into the action plan when and as required.

We have as a result developed our Patient and Surgery web site that allows interaction between the patient population and the Practice itself. We find it an ongoing challenge to get user involvement and currently we have implemented as an outcome from this year’s feedback from users and have implemented a monthly Patient drop in point at the local Community Information Shop, which is manned by our Lead Chair on the third Monday of every month.

This is a very new venture and has yet to be fully utilised by users and patient group members alike, but it is within our action plan to increase the awareness of this service by introducing a patient awareness individual whose main aim is to promote patient involvement and feedback.

This position has been in place from February this year and is to be fully implemented by the end of March.

As part of this report ells ware on this web site you will find an overview of our recent survey covering the breakdown of the findings along with the identification of areas that need to be addressed in our action and development programs.

These findings are open and public, for all to take a large part in our future planning and patient experience improvement along with the increasing work in conjunction with Partners to improve General Health and Well Being for all.

We have this year also asked a series of questions concerning the use of the surgery for minor injury case such as minor burns cuts and other accident related injuries.


 Our PRG/PPG priorities over the next two quarters, is to review the following points from our Patient feedback survey. The are based on the top areas of concern found in the survey and whilst they need to be reviewed, this year’s survey showed that we are meeting the needs of most, and the Patient experience is high for most and with the ongoing work of the Practice and its partners we will continue to improve and develop the high level of service across the full experience at our Practice.

So our action plan will be based around the following points.

Ability to see a Doctor when necessary


Length of time waiting to see Doctor or Nurse

Speed at which the phone is answered


Convenience of day and time of your appointment

Seeing the Doctor of your choice



Other points were raised within the feedback from the reports all will be reviewed and plans to improve or review the points raised will be programmed into our current work program and in line with the ongoing surgery plans.

As the Chair of the PPG and the Lead member for the PRG, I will set up a series of meetings and workshops to look at our surgery Patient Experience to able us to develop our action plans.

It has been obvious over the last 12 months that to run out PPG in line with the surgery requires certain changes as those volunteers involved are very busy people and the time needed to perform certain objectives are difficult to allow the time to be allocated.

For this reason we will as already mentioned in this report be appointing a new member of the group whose sole responsibility will be patient communication and awareness, this will ensure that the Current Chair can allow more time to engaging directly with the work plan and the strategic partners of the practice.

The ever changing needs of a rural surgery and its patient population, requires change and more partnership involvement to gain the desired working relationship with the Practice and this will be the objective for the newly appointed Communications liaison.

We have also experienced due to a complicated handover of the patient donation account and the change in banks supporting such Community Accounts difficulty with patient donations. The management of the account and surgery requests for support. This account was taken over by me at the start of August 2013 and unfortunately due to an audit of the account, the account was closed and has now been reopened by myself as the sole manager of this account.

We will be supplying the Surgery with a policy for using this account that will require two signatures one being myself and the other being a designated member of the Practice. We will supply the Practice with the monthly statements and the policy will determine what the account can be used for. It will be for the newly appointed Community Liaison officer to overview the account and manage it on behalf of the Practice and the PPF.

To conclude our current survey will be the basis of this year’s work plan and will help to form the next survey content to be started in November 2014.

David Loades

PPG?PRG Chairman