Patient PPG DES Reporting and Panel Update 2012/2013

The Patient Forum has been implemented as a result of the difficulty of getting local people to meet and become involved on a one to one basis other than visiting the Surgery for medical reasons.

At the Patient Panel meetings during 2012/2013 the members have increased and a number of points were raised to improve the surgery, but the over all opinion of the service provided was one of satisfaction and coupled with a friendly approach from the majority of the staff.

A number of points were raised and are being reviewed on an ongoing basis the top five points are listed below and will form our newly implemented action plan document soon to be published on this site which shows not only the current status of any such concerns but also gives them a KPI level to achieve over a set period of time.

1) Concern was expressed over the only one subject per appointment policy introduced by the Surgery or an extended appointment had to be arranged not always easy to arrange.

2) It was agreed that the notice board needs to be improved and it was suggested that the panel take this matter on.

3) It was also agreed that there was a need for volunteers to be sought to assist patients during peek periods and that this would also give the opportunity for them to gather feedback on the surgery. We hope to implement this project in the first half 2013.

4) Booking appointment's was a concern of many people, but it was felt that may be the surgery had become to system managed and that we needed to look at how our older patients are doing with this method of booking. It was agreed that in June of this year we would try to involve local old people clubs and groups involved more with he surgery.

5) The Waiting room lacks Children areas was another point raised it is difficult with the layout of the waiting room to resolve this matter it was agreed that we need to loo at the layout of the surgery to see what could be done.

We have made improvements in patient participation over the last twelve months and as Chair I am confident that when the Forum is working more efficiently and the analysis of the on going surgery patient feedback program starts to give patients that we can work with we will then be in a very good position to adapt and introduce support and services to all patients as an ongoing basis.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Surgery for there involvement and support and we hope to carry on in the current positive moving forward situation