Your Patient Forum 15/01/2013

Your Patient Forum


Your opportunity to have your say about the NHS and your local GP Services and how it influences your life, and to give us feedback on our local NHS support services.

Our next Forum is to take place at the Ashley Surgery on the 15/01/2013 at 18.00

As the Chair of this group I will be holding this open meeting for all to get involved as much as you wish to, we are not looking for any heavy involvement just help in forming the NHS services in our local area, at a time of major change within the NHS and the influence you can now have on your own care, Hope to see you there

There will be no Doctors or Surgery Staff at this meeting and this will give you the opportunity to speak confidentially giving our team the chance to ensure you get the NHS and GP services you want and it also gives us the opportunity to keep you updated on the Changes that will involve many of you in how you use your GP and our local A&E unit,

So please pop in and see us at the Patient Forum your voice in the NHS to be held on the 15/01/2013, at 6.00pm

Contact David Loades 07960131408 for further information.