Healthcare and Clinics

Core services


•  General management of medical conditions

•  Health promotion advice

•  Emergency care if appropriate

•  Referral for other services, if appropriate

•  Urgently required care for temporary residents


Additional Services


•  Cervical screening

•  Contraceptive services

•  Vaccinations and immunisations

•  Child health surveillance

•  Maternity services

•  Minor surgery procedures

•  Phlebotomy

•  Smoking cessation


Enhanced Services


•  Improved access

•  Influenza and Pneumococcal immunisations

•  Minor surgery

•  Intra-uterine Contraceptive device fittings/implants

•  Anti-coagulation monitoring

•  More specialised sexual health 

•  Specialised services for patients with multiple sclerosis

•  Minor injury services



In addition


•  Registered patients aged 16-75 who have not been seen for 3 years may request a consultation

•  Registered patients aged over 75 years who have not been seen in the previous 12 months may request a consultation

•  (if you are unable to attend the surgery for these checks because of your medical condition a home visit may be arranged.)


Allied Professionals


•  Our Health Visitor is based in Clayton and District nurses are based in Madeley.

•  A midwife sees our ante-natal ladies on Tuesday mornings.

•  A Community Psychiatric Nurse also sees patients in the building.