EMIS Access Online Service

You can go straight to EMISaccess here 


Or find out more below....

Using this online service it is possible to request repeat prescriptions, book appointments and amend your contact details (change address, telephone number etc).

Other services may be available in the future.

There may be times when EMISaccess is not available this tends to be during times of computer backup and other house keeping – usually 11pm – 4am.

In order to use the service you must first request registration security details which you can then use to create your own secure account

We will require a form of photo identification (passport, driving licence) before the receptionist can give you for security information.

Create an account using the security information and select a password only you know.

To sign in to this account you will need:

*    Our practice ID - *****
*    Your Access ID – on your registration letter
*    Your Password – chosen by you when you create the account

You can track the progress of your prescription request by accessing your account. If you need your prescription early for example because you are going on holiday - please let us know in the message section of the request.